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More than 25 years of experience in confectionery manufacturing line

More than 15 years of experience in the international market

We comply to all required quality food standards

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Sweetkiss Food is one of the leading confectionery manufacturers in Malaysia which specializes on all sorts of chocolates and snack products. Founded in 1995 by Mr Tee Kok Leong, Sweetkiss started off as a small manufacturing company located in a small shop in Cheras with the aim of producing the best HALAL chocolate with a wide range of chocolate varieties encompassing Asian delightful flavors to the world.

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Food Safety Standards

Sweetkiss Food is committed to all the required food safety and quality management system. In 2009, we successfully attained our 1 st certification which is ISO 22000 : 2005 and HACCP. In the year 2020, we upgraded our ISO standards to a higher level which is ISO 22000: 2018. On top of that, Sweetkiss is also HALAL certified.

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